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100% Greek Company

Damavand is a private company, with a two generations tradition in the tomato business.

Operates a state of the art processing plant, located in Filia, Karditsa, Central Greece. Plant is just 30km from the town of Karditsa and lies on a 62.250m2 plot. Premises cover an area of 18.300m2, including the production area (17 production lines), storage and a modern treatment plant.

Processes more than 150,000MT of fresh tomato and fruit. Current processing capacity of 2,300MT of fresh tomatoes daily or 130,000MT seasonally.

Processing plant located in the heart of the richest, most fertile and largest lowlands in Greece, Thessaly. The region is the major tomato cultivation zone in Greece.

Proximity minimizes time between harvesting and processing; guarantees quality and benefits both the company and the farmers, minimizing transportation costs or losses. A unique advantage against competition and a massive potential for expanding, growing.

Located evenly close to the two major Greek ports, i.e. Thessaloniki and Piraeus; still shipping from Volos port, the third largest one, only 100Km away. This provides significant cost efficiency and flexibility for exports.

Presence in all three market sectors, i.e. retail, foodservice & industrial.

Contributes to the local and national economy. Employs 100 employees permanently and reaches to 250 during primary processing period.

Environmental Awareness

Company’s environmental awareness is highly developed. For this, the following practices are adopted by the industry for its operation:

  • Wastewater treatment unit for the treatment of humid waste with a total capacity 9.600m3 / day.
  • Use of environmentally friendly sources of energy.
  • Suitable management of non-recyclable waste.
  • Suitable management and disposal of recyclable waste (e.g. paper, plastic, glass).
  • Use of electric forklifts, environmentally friendly.

Agronomist Department

For the company everything starts here. Damavand’s farmers are part of the chain. An experienced agronomist department works with farmers on integrated farming, sharing principles and targets.

Quality, Safety, Yield, Sustainability, Growth.

Since 2012, 100% of tomatoes Damavand processes, are grown under the Sustainable Agriculture Code (SAC).

SAC is a system, introduced by Unilever, a collection of good practices aiming to codify important aspects of sustainability in farming.