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100% Greek Company

Damavand, a 100% Greek privately-owned company deeply rooted in a two-generations tradition within the tomato industry, operates from its state-of-the-art processing plant in Filia, Karditsa, Central Greece. For decades, we have been pioneers in the field, leading the way by providing top-tier tomato products that combine quality with competitiveness. Nestled in the heart of Greece, Thessaly’s lowlands, our processing plant enjoys proximity to the country’s largest cultivation zone of 1mn acres. This strategic advantage minimizes the time between harvesting and processing, ensuring unparalleled quality and freshness in our products.
Our advantageous location paired with our commitment to excellence through persistent investment has laid the foundation for our continuous expansion and growth. Our processing plant, strategically located just 30 kilometers from Karditsa, embodies effectiveness in all aspects of its operations. We invest in cutting edge machinery and benefit from easy access to major ports like Thessaloniki and Piraeus, as well as the nearby Volos port, only 100 kilometers away. This strategic location allows us to streamline costs and logistics, especially for exports, ensuring optimal client service.

Environmental Awareness

Company’s environmental awareness is highly developed. For this, the following practices are adopted by the industry for its operation:

  • Wastewater treatment unit for the treatment of humid waste with a total capacity 9.600m3 / day.
  • Use of environmentally friendly sources of energy.
  • Suitable management of non-recyclable waste.
  • Suitable management and disposal of recyclable waste (e.g. paper, plastic, glass).
  • Use of electric forklifts, environmentally friendly.

Agronomist Department - Our sustainable philosophy

At Damavand, our commitment to farmers, the local community and the environment runs deep within our core values. For over 20 years, long before sustainability became a buzzword, we have upheld sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring that 100% of the tomatoes we process are grown sustainably. * Additionally, we handle only non-GMO materials in our allergen-free processing plant. We prioritize fair treatment of our farmers and aim to positively impact the local community and environment. Through our dedicated department of agronomists, we provide guidance, support and resources to empower our farmers to adopt sustainable practices and enhance their livelihoods. Our business philosophy revolves around ethical practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability, fostering harmony between our business and the planet.

* Since 2012, 100% of tomatoes Damavand processes are grown under the Sustainable Agricultural Code (SAC) and

from 2021-22 under FSA Farm Sustainable Assessment by Control Union